Selling a Swan S1-150SS

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Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:23 am

Selling a Swan S1-150SS as a complete kit. I used it for home and son's school event. It's been well kept as you can see from the photos.

Pls contact me if you have any additional questions at
Here are the details

1 -Swan Model S1-150SS - Retails for $1,695
1 - Foot Pedal for hands free operation
30 - Pour Bottle Spouts
1 - Ice Pick
4 - Large Storage Containers for mixing
1- Torani Blood Orange
1- Torani Cherry
2- Torani Mojito Mint
2- Torani Cherry
2- Torani Hazel Nut
2- Luau Passon Orange (purchased in HI)
1- Luau Pinapple Orange (purchased in HI)
3- Malolo Grage (purchased in HI)
1- Malolo Orange (purchased in HI)
1- Skylite Snowball Pink Grapefruit
1- Hawaiian Snow Concentrate Lychee
1- Hawaiian Snow Concentrate Dreamsicle
1- Hawaiian Snow Concentrate Passon Fruit
1- Hawaiian Snow Concentrate Guava
1- Custom Carrying Case
Selling for $1,100.00
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