Naming a Shaved Ice Business

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Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:42 am

I handmade my daughter a stand, now we want to take it to the next level. I live in Tampa Florida and have a question about the name. A brief survey of kids resulted in the fact that many of them arent familiar with "Hawaiian Shaved Ice". It doesnt seem popular in the east coast, more on the west coast. So we are considering something like "<my daughter's name> Hawaiian Ice" or "<my daughter's name> Hawaiian Sno" or "<my daughter's name> Tropical Sno" to avoid confusion and make it more recognizable. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Some background on where we stand; it is going to be totally mobile. Too many business owners' life dreams have been shattered here when the landloard doubles the rent.

It MUST be cubed ice. We bought a knock-off Hatsuyki cube ice maker on Amazon for $100 and it does a fairly good job of producing fine-grain ice. Not as fine grain as the block shavers, but not as thick as snow cone machines, somewhere in between. Coincidentally, i just visited an outlet mall that had TWO Sno Biz stands. One had the Swann block Shaver, and they other had the exact same machine as we do. I tried them both and couldnt really tell much of a difference. And they called them both Hawaiian Shaved ice.

Again, Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:26 pm

Hi Jim, personally I would associate the wording sno or snow with snow cones which is definitely a different product from authentic shave ice. However since you are using a cube shaver, I'd guess your product is probably closer to a sno cone than a shave ice in texture.

I've had shave ice from both types of machines and there is a huge noticeable difference in my opinion. Maybe the vendor using the Swan that day had their blade set high and was producing a coarser texture because typically a block shaver will produce ice so fine, no cube machine could compare. (Think of a razor sharp blade capable of shaving off ice so thin it begins to melt immediately vs a cube shaver which essentially force feeds ice cubes against a blade).

You might consider dropping the word Hawaiian altogether, in which case Tropical Sno seems like a good fit for your product.

Where are you getting your flavors?
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