First year serving shaved ice

This section will tell you the basics on how to make a good Hawaiian shave ice! Please feel free to ask questions you may have regarding local shave ice and shave ice in general.
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Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:49 pm

Summer is almost over.
I added shaved ice to my Gelato trailer this year.
So here are some things I've learned

It takes a lot longer to serve shaved ice than it does Gelato.
I'm going to look into building a flavor station. Should speed things up a lot
I can serve 4 gelato for every shaved ice. (I sell both for $5.00)
This is my 3rd year with gelato so it is unfair to compare them but the gelato is still 90%+ of my business
There is more waste than I expected. Mostly just ice melting before I sell the next one.
I have had to learn to be very careful with the syrups, as they have attracted ants.
My shaved ice cost is low, but the sales are also lower.
My gelato is a 30% cost, but the volume is huge. (sometimes 400 to 500 cones a day)
I'm still a little shocked at how much sugar goes into the syrup. My teeth hurt when I think about it.
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Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:09 am

Hi Craig. Thanks for the feedback. PM sent.
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